Short and simple story: My friend made a painting from a photograph about a manifestation against the economic crisis and I made a film from that painting. Between these two objects lies a path, which began in a casual photograph and ended in a poorly-lit garage. "Where My Friend Made a Painting" is, in order of importance, a short film about a place, a friend, a creative act, a painting and the silence of one manifestation.

Bio-filmography of the director

Pedro Florêncio has a graduation in cinema at ESTC (Portuguese National Conservatory), a Master in Cinema at FCSH-UNL in Lisbon with the average of 19 and thesis of 20 and he is currently enrolled in a Doctor's degree in Performative Arts and the Moving Image at Lisbon University. He directed the shorts "Banana Motherf*ucker" in 2011 and "Where my friend made a painting" in 2014, both of them won several international awards.


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Pedro Florêncio

Mário Gajo de Carvalho

Pedro Florêncio

Pedro Florêncio

Pedro Florêncio